Face-to-face Workshops in Dénia (Spain) and Online Workshops via Skype

Social Media Marketing Training


What are the workshops about?

The focus of our workshops lies on practice, not on theory:
The workshops are guided by our experts, but you yourself will carry out the implementation.

By doing this, you will learn step by step how to manage your profiles and
successfully apply Social Media Marketing Strategies for your business.

Expert Training


Fast and visible progress


100% practical


Group or one-to-one Training


Social Media Marketing Workshop

Social Media Marketing: Introduction

This workshop is for you if you want to receive a broad insight into Social Media Marketing and into how you can use the different platforms as communication channels for your business.


In the Introduction Workshop, you will

  • Learn the basics of Social Media Marketing in general
  • Obtain a first introduction into the topic, strategies and possibilities
  • Get to know the different Social Media platforms and their individual use
  • Elaborate which platform(s) will be the most effective one(s) for your business

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Facebook Marketing Workshops

Facebook Marketing: Basics

This workshop is for you if you manage a Fanpage and want to analyse and optimise your business presence and activities on Facebook.


In the Basics Workshop you will

  • Analyse all sections and criteria of your Fanpage
  • Examine and evaluate your current Facebook Marketing activities
  • Generate your personal To-Do List showing all criteria you should update, improve or change
  • Start to optimise your Fanpage as well as Facebook Marketing strategies and activities

Facebook Marketing: Advanced

This workshop is for you if you are already familiar with all basic functions of Facebook and want to maximise your activities’ results.


In the Advanced Workshop you will

  • Develop a professional 6-step Facebook Marketing Strategy for your business
  • Create your Fanpage’s Content Calendar with different content pillars, media and techniques
  • Learn which programmes to use and how to create different types of contents
  • Understand how to monitor your activities and interpret your statistics and results.

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Facebook Advertising: Basics

This workshop is for you if you have set up your organic Facebook Marketing Strategy, are already implementing it and now want to learn how to create effective and professional advertising campaigns on Facebook.


You will

  • Get to know the Facebook Ads Manager Platform
  • Set up your Ads account
  • Become familiar with the different components and possible variations of Facebook Ads Campaigns
  • Create an optimised campaign, its ads sets and individual ads

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Instagram Marketing Workshop

Instagram Marketing: Basics

This workshop is for you if you want to learn how to set up and adjust your profile and use Instagram as an effective Communications Channel for your business.


Amongst others, you will

  • Set up (or optimise) your business profile on Instagram
  • Create a powerful bio
  • Develop a basic strategy including a content calendar 
  • Learn how to publish professional posts and how to monitor your statistics
  • Understand how to engage effectively with other profiles
  • Start to find new followers

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Where do the workshops take place?

The online workshops are scheduled individually and take place via Skype.


The face-to-face workshops are held at the Cámara de Comercio in Dénia:

Cámara de Comercio – Vivero de Empresas
C/L’Agret 18
03700 Dénia


Social Media Marketing Workshops
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